On 3rd of December 2018, the two Call-for-Members projects within the Innovation Programme 1 CONNECTA (730539) and CONNECTA-2 (826098) as well as its complementary projects Safe4RAIL and Safe4RAIL-2 met for a two-day workshop in Hennigsdorf, Germany. The goal of this workshop was centralized on the properly handover of the defined requirements and gathered results within Safe4RAIL and CONNECTA to its successor projects. In that regard, open questions on the next-gen TCMS could be answered based on the expertise of the past 2 years of the Safe4RAIL and CONNECTA consortium and two use cases fixed with respect to Safe4RAIL-2 and CONNECTA-2.

During this handover workshop two target group in terms of TCMS were discussed: the Drive-by-Data (DbD) concept and the Functional Distribution Framework (FDF). While the discussions on the DbD concept included its requirements and use case definition, the FDF was discussed with respect to its integration, feasible applications and an interface between the FDF and DbD.

In conclusion, together with CONNECTA we handed over all the material and results gathered during the last 2 years at the best possible rate. We are looking forward to successful follow-up projects focused on the technical solutions for next-gen TCMS.