On 6th of June 2018, the Safe4RAIL consortium met in Munich (Germany) for the 2nd Advisory Board meeting, which was organized and hosted by our complementary action CONNECTA (No. 730539) and its project partner Deutsche Bahn. After the welcome of our well-staffed Advisory Board, the joint meeting began. The meeting was divided into five dedicated technical sessions, namely:

  • Drive-by-Data
  • Functional Architecture including function open coupling (FOC) and Functional Distributed Framework (FDF) as well as Application Profiles
  • Simulation Framework, Train Virtualisation and Virtual Certification
  • Wireless Train Control and Monitoring System (WTCMS) including Wireless Train Backbone and Train-to-Ground
  • High Safety Level Electronic Solutions for Brake Control including Brake-by-Wire

Each technical session was accompanied by a Questions-and-Answer slot, whereby both parties, Advisory Board and the project consortium, were able to question each other. As already proven by the 1st Advisory Board meeting, also the second joint AB meeting was able to show how smooth the collaboration between CONNECTA and Safe4RAIL proceeded. Conclusive, CONNECTA and Safe4RAIL received a valuable feedback and comments from the external advisors in order to finalize successfully both projects, which will be accomplished this fall.