From 7th to 8th of March, 2017, the Safe4RAIL consortium met in Siegen (Germany) for the 2nd technical project meeting, which was organized and hosted by our project partner, the University of Siegen.

The aim of the project was to review the current status and discuss a couple of upcoming deliverables and milestones of the project. Another focus was put on architectural and conceptual as well as requirement discussions, which will result in the upcoming deliverables. Since the first day of the meeting was well-spent for a complete project-wide status overview, the second day was under the banner of breakout parallel sessions for each technical work package. The outcome of these discussions resulted among others into well-defined tasks in order to proceed purposeful on upcoming deliverables as well as pave the way for our milestones MS3 (communication strategy and exploitation plan available, structure fostered) and MS4 (intermediate concept designs are presented), which are due to month 12 of the project period.