In order to maximize the efficiency of Safe4RAIL and focus on real-world impact throughout the project, we have designed a simple but targeted structure to reach the overall project objectives. The Safe4RAIL Project is planned to run for 24 months and it is organized into the following six work packages:

WP1: Networking for Drive-By-Data

The goal of this WP1 is to undertake all steps to identify and mitigate technology, certification and market risks early in the development cycle of advanced integrated Ethernet-based TCMS systems and architectures with SIL4 functions and safety lines

WP2 - Functional Distribution Architecture

This WP will provide the “Functional Distribution” architecture concept for a mixed criticality embedded platform, offering an execution environment for multiple TCMS application functions with a virtual bus inside the end-system. This execution environment will ensure strict time/space partitioning, location transparency and abstraction from the underlying network protocols and HW. The architecture will include a standardized interface (API) supporting reconfiguration, scheduling of partitions, health monitoring, time management, inter-partition communication, input/output services and HW abstractions.

WP3 - Virtual Placement in the market

The objective of WP3 is to develop a distributed simulation and validation framework concept for integrated modular architectures in railways systems, which allows SIL & HIL testing along with the coupling of simulators and physical systems at different sites connected via internal LANs or the Internet.

WP4 - Brake by wire

WP4 focuses on developing a novel fully electronic architectural concept based on existing drive-by-wire technologies. The main objective will be given to safety electronic control development and definition of safety communication requirements, which will later enter in the architectural HW and SW concept design for a selected brake function.

WP5 - Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

WP5 aims to disseminate the project ideas and results via a public website, considering technical, cultural and commercial aspects, the participation and contribution to scientific conferences/workshops, and the support and organisation of external events (e.g. summer schools, workshops at conferences).Furthermore WP5 prepares a strategy to ensure the required impact of the project and performs a continuous market and technology watch.

WP6 - Project-, Risk-, and Cooperation- Management

WP6 is responsible for the operational management and technical vitality of Safe4RAIL. It encompasses management components on contractual, financial, legal, technical, administrative and ethical levels. The main objective is to establish a sound, flexible and efficient project management structure and processes, as well as the provision of an effective risk management. WP6 will actively manage the relations to the core project Shift2Rail and foster a good and smooth cooperation.